Walsh Marine Products is a premier manufacturer of navigational aids for inland waterways. Specializing in buoys and floats, our product line ranges from Coast Guard approved regulatory buoys and barrier floats to marine-grade lighting fixtures and stainless steel mounting hardware.

Our products are made from pollution resistant high-density polyethylene resin with a leakproof, seamless design and vinyl marking graphics for maximum durability and fade protection.

  • Marine-grade lighting fixtures for guidance and safety applications
  • Regulatory buoys for a variety of uses
  • Floats with swivel-end and pipe-through attachments
  • Mooring buoys in a variety of sizes
  • Hanging message carriers where sub-surface anchors can't be used

rope float stringline

Float Collar Buoys
Our float collar can buoys are built with our most stable hull for any application. We make them in three different configurations to meet your needs. The high density seamless shell will provide many years of dependable service. Read more

Mooring Buoys
Utilizing a drop forged eye these buoys provide a strong choice when you need to moor your boat. A blue reflective stripe is standard with sizes from 13” (33.02cm) diameter to 24” (60.96cm) diameter. Read more

Regulatory Buoys
Our most popular buoy this shape will offer a cost effective and durable presence for getting your message on the water. All the standard messages can be applied and we can customize your message to fit the application you require. Read more

Message Carriers
When you have large fluctuations in water levels and can not deploy a regular buoy the hanging message carrier may fit the need. This seamless float utilizes the same tough design as our buoys in a smaller package. Read more